Our structure is unique

We believe that a robust strategy is a start to groundbreaking content.

Building brands for the long run

Parallel Medium is an award-winning 360 creative advertising agency based in Orange County that helps industry leading brands find their visual positioning within cutting edge branding and marketing. With a full range of creative resources, we develop authentic business growth strategy, launch campaigns and build meaningful relationships.

Your team

It is a saturated and overwhelming world of content out there. Where does one start? We are here to make your goals an attainable dream for you. We are a creative team of strategists, content creators, graphic designers, web developers, forward thinkers, and business leaders. It is important that we share our expertise and shared common goals of achieving the best. Our award‑winning team is here to make your vision make a lasting impression. Parallel Medium is here as a collaborative engine for you.

Timothy Kwon

Founder / CEO

Timothy Kwon is the CEO of Parallel Medium. His early beginnings revolved around lifestyle photography, which later evolved into video content production. As his eye for content grew, so did his expertise. He dove into the commercial world shooting for various globally recognized brands, creating top of the line content for both the traditional and digital content market. Tim’s visionary mindset led him to create Parallel Medium, to bridge the missing link between execution strategy and content creation.

Lindsey Chu

Chief Design Officer

Lindsey Chu is Parallel Medium’s Chief Design Officer. Her keen sense of design has led her to achieve integral roles in trusted production houses and world renowned camera companies. She continues to hold her role at RED Digital Cinema, cultivating the brand’s groundbreaking image quality and top of the line ethos. Lindsey’s notable accomplishments has geared her to create a place where design and integrity matters.

Jason Hyun

Digital Director

Jason Hyun is Parallel Medium’s lead Digital Director. He is a multidisciplinary UX/UI Designer with over five years of web design experience and diverse background in operations, information technology, and digital marketing. He believes design should be used as a means of creating purposeful experiences that focus on user needs and goals. He is passionate about bringing forth innovative designs by empathizing with and solving problems for the users that will provide a more compelling and straightforward experience.

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